Worth knowing

We have put together a lot of practical information worth knowing on this page. If you do not find what you are looking for, get in touch with us or check out the section about frequently asked questions.


If a walk is cancelled because of the weather, your ticket will be refunded.

If you cancel a walk, your ticket will not be refunded.

We will give you direct notice of the cancellation by SMS and e-mail and will refund the money to your account.


See the prices here.


Book online and enter the BHP-code on the back of the card for a discount. DKK 75 off for those under 16.

Must be taller than 140 cm. If you’re not tall enough, or want to stay on the ground, join marine biologist Søren Larsen under the bridge. Everyone with a Be Happy Pass gets a free tote bag with magnifying glass, coloured pencils and pad. Read more about BE HAPPY PASS here.

Safety and health

To be able to try out Bridgewalking, it is important that you meet the following conditions:
• you must follow the guide’s instructions
• you are at least 140 cm tall
• you are not under the influence of alcohol, i.e. the alcohol level in your blood should be 0.0
• you are not under the effect of other intoxicants
• If you are pregnant, you may not be farther along than week 23.

For safety reasons, bringing loose objects along is not allowed.

You will be given a pair of coveralls you can take home with you as a memento.

Remember to put on practical shoes or boots, preferably with rubber soles.

Bridgewalking is not suitable for wheelchair users and people with physical handicaps.

It is the guide’s responsibility to guide the whole group through the walk so that everyone has a good experience. This is why it is the guide who makes the assessment if you meet the requirements. If you do not, you will lose the right to complete the walk, and your ticket will not be refunded.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Fear of heights

If you have fear of heights, you should not try Bridgewalking. However, if you are just tense and a bit nervous, that’s okay. Our competent guides will most certainly help you ease up. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions are available here.

Opening hours

Bridgewalking opens in May 2015. See the opening hours here.