The bridge

The Little Belt bridge

Before the bridge was built, everyone who wanted to travel between Funen and Jutland had to take a boat across the Little Belt, which is why the topic of bridging the straits turned into an ardent discussion as early as the mid-19th century.

Hosts of different proposals were put forward for how Funen was to be linked with Jutland: from a suspension bridge, through a double or single-track railway bridge to a tunnel and a shipping canal combined with a low bridge. However, none of these proposals ever came to anything.

An act on the construction of a railway bridge across the Little Belt was finally adopted in 1924. In line with the marked rise in the number of cars, it was subsequently amended to also include a road section in 1927.

The work on the bridge commenced in December 1925, and the bridge was inaugurated on 14 May 1935.