About us

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Bridgewalking Lillebælt is a collaboration project between the municipalities Middelfart and Fredericia and the only option for bridgewalkning in Europe.

Bridgewalking currently has 57 employees who, besides the administrative team at Brovejen, count eight employees in Bridgewalking’s Welcome and Call centre as well as 44 guides who take our guests bridgewalking – 60 metres above the surface of the sea. Since the opening in May 2015, more than 265,000 guests have gone bridgewalking.



The purpose of the project (our vision) is to establish a tourist lighthouse which the area has needed in order to strengthen the tourism and increase the knowledge of the area.



Our mission is to give our guests unique and authentic experiences.



There are four fundamental values which guides our conduct:

  • We do not compromise safety
  • We go a long way to give our guests a unique experience
  • We look after each other and work as a team
  • We are proud of our work